Grow YOUR Independence!

I hope you had a lovely 4th of July holiday! I enjoyed a lively family weekend in St. Louis followed by a quiet celebration on the 4th.

The holiday has me thinking about independence, and how important it is to everyone’s journey. You see, in order to create a life you love – your ideal life – you need to become independent of a lot of things!

I was first introduced to this concept in Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits program many years ago. I was really struck by an example he used: How we sometimes feel embarrassed by the way our children are dressed out in public when they first start choosing their own outfits. He explained that when we do this, we are actually making our own self-esteem dependent on the way our child is dressed and/or on what others think about the way our child is dressed!

That was one of those “whack in the head” moments for me, and got me started on my own journey to independence.

When I decided to leave my successful Corporate career 5 years ago, I had plenty of opportunities to demonstrate my independence! I remember many people thinking I was crazy, and even irresponsible, for leaving the “safety” of a Corporate job. This was a great opportunity for me to practice my independence from the “good opinions” of others. If I had heeded others’ fears about what I was about to do, I wouldn’t be helping people all over the country create abundantly happy, peaceful and prosperous lives right now!

If you want to create your dream life, or your dream career, or your dream relationship, you too will need to become independent of some things. Could be any of a number of things:

  • Others’ opinions
  • Others’ fears
  • Your own fears
  • Your limiting beliefs
  • Your old habits
  • Your old ways of seeing the world
  • Your old ways of being

What do YOU need to become independent of to create your ideal life?

 Your Two-Week Action Plan:

  1. Which one or two areas of independence listed above really “hit” you as you read it?
  2. What would it look like to become more independent in that way? How could you take just one small step in that direction?
  3. Make a game of being more independent.  Play with this concept and see what changes in your life!

If you’re ready for daily support in creating the life you want, join me in enjoying Everyday Abundance!

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