Persistence Pays Off!

I recently learned an important lesson from my daughter.  She made her 7th grade cheerleading team two years ago.  Then, in 8th grade, she tried out and did not make the squad.  Last month it was time to try out for the freshman team.  To my surprise, she decided to try again.  And she made the squad!  She got what she wanted, but she had to be persistent to get it!

What I realized as I watched this was that there have been many times in my life where I gave up after the first try.  And because of that, I did not get what I wanted. Have you ever had this same experience?

For all you know, like my daughter, you could have gotten what you wanted on your very next try. I don’t know about you, but that really makes me stop and think!

You could be SO close to the things you want in your life and be giving up right before you’re about to get them!

This happens all the time with my clients. They resist or forget to be persistent with the daily practices that will help them create the abundant lives they desire. And their results reflect that!  In fact, that’s exactly why I created the Everyday Abundance Program– to help people stay consistently in the flow of abundance that’s available to every one of us! And yes, that includes you!

What would happen if you were more persistent in creating the life you want?

Your Two-Week Action Plan:

  1. Look at an area of your life that’s really working well. In what ways did you demonstrate persistence in that area?
  2. Now think about an area of your life that is challenging you. How are you stopping yourself short of the goal? What would it look like to be more persistent?
  3. Take action on your question to #2, and see what changes!

If you’re ready for daily support in creating the life you want, join me in enjoying Everyday Abundance!

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