Stop Living in Fear!

It’s breaking my heart to see another wave of fear about money hitting many of you. Even some of you who make good money are letting your fears make decisions about your lives and the opportunities in front of you to live the life you really want.

It breaks my heart because it simply does not need to be. When you understand where money really comes from and the Laws surrounding it, you can create the money you need without fear, worry and doubt. And you will never be dependent on “good times” in the economy to feel secure again!

The economic situation that everyone is fretting about right now has simply given all of us an opportunity. The opportunity to take “internal” control of the money we create instead of depending on everything going “just right” in the external world in order for us to feel secure. The “recession” has really separated those who really understand and live the Laws of Abundance from those who only enjoy good economic times when all of the external conditions are “perfect.”

The first thing you must understand is where money really comes from. It comes from a Source that has unlimited abundance. Yes, it does come to you through people, but its origin is from a source of unlimited possibility. If you are following the Laws, you will not run out. And no one else will ever suffer because you have enough.  The supply is not limited!

There are many Universal Laws concerning the creation of money, and I’ll list some of them here so you can see where you might be falling short. Use this as a handy checklist to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay in the flow.

The Law of Intention: Write your intentions for how much money you want and what you will do with it. Read them every day.

The Law of Faith: Spend time every day connecting to Source and the Truth of Abundance.

The Law of Action: Say yes to the opportunities Source is sending you to connect with the abundance you want (and yes, many of these will feel “risky” to the fearful part of you!)

The Law of Co-Creation: Listen to and act on the creative ideas that come to you when you’re connected. Those ideas are coming to you from a much bigger and wiser source than your “rational” mind.

The Law of Gratitude: Live in gratitude every day. Love, gratitude, and compassion are the highest vibrations on the Planet and are most likely to draw to you the things you want.

The Law of Tithing: Tithe regularly to those who feed your Spirit. Even if you only have $1, give 10% of it to whoever is feeding your spirit. This is an act of thanks AND a demonstration of your Faith in the Truth of Abundance.

The Law of Life: More life to all, and less to none. Do not allow a competitive mind-set in any area of your life, including your business! You must be adding value to the Planet to create money in your life.

The Law of Circulation. Money, like air and water, is meant to circulate, and if you stop circulating, something will die. (The economy, your own money supply, etc.)

You’re going to spend your 24 hours a day doing and thinking about something, right? Instead of spending them talking about “how bad the economy is” and worrying about money, spend it thinking about and living the Laws above. Then you won’t have time for fear. And when you follow these Laws, you will join those of us who are prospering right now – while at the same time bringing great service to the Planet!

 Your Two-Week Action Plan:

  1. Which one or two areas of the above laws really resonated with you?
  2. How could you start living them instead of staying frozen in fear?
  3. We’ll be focusing on money in August in the Everyday Abundance program!  If  you want more support than I’ve given here, please join us! Everyday Abundance!

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