What Belief is Holding You Back?

As I help people create lives and businesses they love, one of the most important things I do is help people identify the beliefs that are holding them back.

I talked in my last article about how your beliefs get “loaded into” your subconscious mind throughout your life – many of them before the age of 8 when your conscious mind starts kicking in.

Well, here’s the thing. Anytime you don’t have something you want in your life – happiness, money, your dream career or business – it is very likely that you have one or more beliefs that are keeping you from the result you want.

I was working with a client just recently who was really starting to move toward her dream business and suddenly she found herself moving backward. She stopped doing the very things that she needed to do to create it.

As we talked, we discovered that no one in her family had ever made money doing work they loved. In fact, every family member that made any money at all did it doing work that they didn’t even like. She had grown up learning that the rule was – you cannot make money doing what you love. The only way to make money is doing work that you don’t enjoy at all.

This was the “reality” she grew up with. And until our moment of discovery, it was running in the background (her subconscious) without her even being aware of it.

Do you see how this belief then stopped her in her tracks as she started moving toward the business she really wants? The job of your subconscious is to keep you “safe” – keep you where you are and operating by the “rules” that have been loaded into you by others in your life.

Now that she has become aware of this, she can change it! And she is back on the right path to creating the reality SHE wants to experience – her dream business AND the income she wants!

What belief might be holding YOU back from the life you really want?

Your Two-Week Action Plan

  1. Think about an area of your life where you want a different result than you’re currently getting.
  2. What were the “lessons” others in your life taught you about that area?
  3. What “rules” or “beliefs” did you learn that might be stopping you from moving forward toward creating what you want?
  4. What is your new choice?
  5. Is this article really resonating with you? Are you finding it hard to identify your own limiting beliefs? You do not have to do this alone! Contact me and we’ll see if I can help!

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