What If?

It’s always amazing to see my clients create lives they love by shifting their consciousness.

One of my incredible clients, Susan Mitchell, has made amazing shifts in her thinking, beliefs, and results through our coaching partnership. She has fallen in love with her life, and has experienced incredible shifts in her business!

A few weeks ago, Susan sent me the beautiful piece below. It’s such a great example of how you can expand your consciousness by simply asking yourself different questions. Take a couple deep breaths before you read it and prepare to be inspired!


What if….

What if my “weaknesses” are only perceptions and not Truths?
What if I am powerful beyond my and others belief?
What if I am perfect just the way I am?
What if other’s actions have nothing to do with me?
What if I am solely responsible for my happiness?
What if every person in my life was perfectly placed there for my benefit?
What if my insecurities are other people’s perceptions of who I should be?
What if I can shed past thoughts, hurts, challenges — who would I be?
What if everyone in my life loves me and is here to support me?
What if everyone in my life is doing the very best they can – including me?
What if I validate my feelings?
What if I take care of my needs?
What if I give myself unconditional love?
What if I say “you rock, my friend” to myself?
What if I love myself for who I am right now?
What if I can inspire and move people just the way I am?
What if I am exactly what my kids need?
What if I find joy in different ways than others?
What if the people I am trying to teach and inspire have something to teach me?
What if I use my time and energy to love people rather than judge them?
What if I get to choose…everything?

Susan Mitchell, Mitchell Family Chiropractic
IdealLife Coach Client

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