You Must Take Risks to Create Your Ideal Life!

Sometimes I feel like I live in two very different worlds.

The first one, which I spend as much time in as possible, is the world of possibility, happiness, and prosperity.  It contains my mentors, my fellow conscious entrepreneurs, and those of you who are truly moving forward on your journey to enlightenment.

And then there’s the other one.

It’s a painful world, where people are living below their potential, are unhappy, stressed out, and living in lack.  They’ve buried their dreams under mountains of fear and doubt, and their main goal in life appears to be making it safely to their death.

They say they want something different, but every time an opportunity appears, they shrink back in “safety” and turn away.  There is always a “logical” excuse – time, money, timing, etc.

Here’s the deal.

Playing it safe will not get you the life you want.

If you want something big – whether it be a career or business you love, a wonderful new relationship, or to leave an important legacy on this planet, you will have to take risks.

You see, risk is the only way we can reap big rewards. 

If I hadn’t “risked it all” five years ago when I left the Corporate world, I would not be helping hundreds of people create incredible lives and businesses right now.  Nor would I be reaping the rewards of that!

And it didn’t stop there!  I continue to push my “risk boundaries” in order to serve more people and create the life I want.

Playing it safe will get you what most people have right now – stress, unhappiness, uncertainty, and dependence on the external world going just right for your life to be good.

Is that what you really want? 

There is something that you want in your life right now.  And there’s an opportunity before you to help you create it.  The opportunity involves something that feels risky to you – a change you’ll need to make, or a time or money investment, or a shift in how much responsibility you take for your life.

Will you allow yourself to take a risk and reap the rewards?   

Or will you continue to play it “safe” and stay small?

Your Two-Week Action Plan

  1. Identify where in your life you’re playing it safe and staying small.
    2.  What is the opportunity before you for changing that situation?
    3.  Make the decision to take a risk.
    4.  Reap your rewards!
    5.  If you’re sick and tired of playing small and are ready for support Contact me and we’ll see if I can help! You do not have to do this alone!

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