Your Ideal Life DOES Involve DOing!

Many of you know I’m a constant student in my own journey so I can help you grow into the life you want.

In my studies this week, I ran across this anonymous quote:

“When you want something that you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something that you’ve never done.”

I was instantly struck by the Truth in this statement.

There are way too many people on this planet right now saying they want their lives to change, but unwilling to think or do anything differently to create that change.

Are you one of them?  Do you say you want more happiness, or a career you love, or more money in your life?

If so, what are you doing about it?

Are you willing to do something different?  Or are you waiting for someone or something to swoop in and rescue you?

Money is a great and timely example here.  Many people are learning that they have been entirely dependent on their employer or the economy to feel good about their money situation.  If you are someone who only experiences financial prosperity when all of the economic conditions cooperate perfectly, you are one of those people!

So what might you have to do to finally gain control over your financial situation?
You might need to think new thoughts that will help you create what you want.
You might have to release old beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
You might need to replace old beliefs with ones that will help you create prosperity no matter what economists, the media, and your neighbors tell you.

You might need to study the Truths about money and the Laws it follows.
You might need to leave the “security” of the job that is limiting your income potential.
You might need to change your people environment.
You might need to get control of your emotions.
You might need to use your time and energy differently than you are now.
You might need to invest in yourself at a time when others are pulling back in fear.

See how this works?

The Truth is, if you truly want something you don’t have right now, you also have the opportunity to create it.  And that opportunity will require you to change something that you’re doing.  But most people will insist on doing things the same way and wishing for different results.

Which side of this fence do YOU choose to be on today?

Your Two-Week Action Plan

  1. Take a look around you.  You want something in your life to change, and you have been presented with an opportunity to do that.  An opportunity or resource has presented itself to you that will require a new behavior on your part.  It might even require you to use your time or money differently than you have in the past.
  2. Ask yourself, “What will I have to do differently to get what I want here?  Will I have to change my thinking?  My behavior?  How I use my time?  How I invest my money?”
  3. Consciously decide if you want to make the change or stay stuck with your current situation.
  4. Act on your decision!

You do not have to do this alone!  If you would like to make this process much easier, join me in the Everyday Abundance program!

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